Any time any place

I had icecream for breakfast this morning. I did it because I needed an energy boost. The flavor was cookies and cream and it was delicious! Sex for me is a bit like icecream for breakfast. What is your favourite time for getting it on? Do you prefer some horizontal cardio before getting out of […]

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A Volunteer opportunity

So far 2019 is looking great! I came into 2019 with a good feeling. On a whim I decided to apply to be a volunteer with the crisis text line. I didn’t think I would get in but I thought why not. My mother helped me fill out the application and I got my three […]

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Adios 2018

This year has been full of crazy ups and downs, my life has changed in many ways. I’ve matured, Concord child birth, and am still breastfeeding. My relationship has grown and I’m so content. My blog has grown a xmall following and my writing has gotten better. I finished my spring semester of college with […]

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feliz navidad

Hello all, happy belated Christmas. This year it was a very lowkey Christmas in the Wittie house. i got an instapot and I got my big a roomba. snugglewuffins got a bouncer and a car to play in as well as a truck. we spent the day watching our favorite christmas movies and drinking hot […]

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Same old lang syne

This post was partially inspired by a tweet I saw. People were talking about the one Christmas song that they can’t stand. A lot of people said the normal songs like Baby it’s cold outside, simply having a wonderful Christmas time, and mistletoe and whine. The song that drives me insane is this one. I […]

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Getting creative

I’m a bit late to the party You know what they say though, better late than never. If intercourse (vaginal or anal) is not your main form of sexual activity, what do you do? These days we do a bit of fingering and a lot of deep throating when we can. Is there a particular […]

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I had two ideas for this post. I was either going to do a short fiction piece or my thoughtts. Since I’m writing this before bed I chose the latter. I asked my big what his ideal porn site would be like. All he told me was that it would involve latina girls that spoke […]

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