30 days of d/s day 25

Today’s topic is all about tasks and rituals. Honestly, I’ve been pondering this for the past few days. I haven’t quite knowing what to write about because I can’t think of any tasks or rituals that I have in my current relationship. They might be there but they might be so ingrained that I don’t […]

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30 days of d/s day 24

Ello all my readers, happy Sunday! Time to start another week, who’s ready for monday? I’m not. I never am…. Today I made a cake with my darlin. It was supposed to be cake mix cookies but we just made a cake instead. It was a rainbow cake. It was really yummyful! I had 3 […]

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30 days of d/s day 23

Hey all, it is the middle of the night here and I just realized that I haven’t written a post today. I was busy you see. First, when  I got  up it was really early. I was craving my leftover chocolate cake. I quietly crept to the kitchen and figured one little piece wouldn’t hurt. […]

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Natural vs culture

Todays food for thought Friday post is all about pubic hair. The thoughts, views, and opinions expressed on this post are just that: my thoughts. How do you style your pubic hair? What were your reasons for choosing that style? Honestly I trim it in the spring/summer but other than that I don’t do a […]

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Switching up roles

This weeks topic is all about role play. I like role play when it’s done with the right people. It can be fun, exciting, and sexy. When I started out role playing it was a way for me to explore my sexuality while taking on a different persona. When I was in that headspace I […]

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Reflections 4 years later

Good morning all! Its early Thursday morning as I write this. My allergies are kicking my butt and I wanted to get this posted before my day got busy. Here’s my food for thought this week! 🙂 What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 18 year old you? The fact […]

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30 days of d/s day 19

It’s day 19 of my long and eventful jurney. Day 19 talks about sexual availability. Ironicly I feel like this fits well with my post on Sexual entitlement. this situation in theory sounds pretty sexy and a fun way to role play however I couldn’t add it to my relationship personally because I put way […]

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My first Kink of the week!

Hi readers, its been too long. I decided to try something new, I discovered this little blog challenge thing when I was in the waiting room getting my blood work done. Since it is all about accents, languages, and voices I figured I would give it a shot so here goes nothing. Voices: oh do […]

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