life update.

hi all, sorry I havn’t been posting much lately. Honestly my life has been quite monotonous. I’ve done nothing but baby for the past nine weeks. Now that I have time to sit and think about it though some cool stuff has happened vanilla and otherwise. I’ll start with the vanilla first. After I had […]

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memmory lane

I figured since it was TBT I would walk y’all down my memmory lane of living at the beach for 14 years. First of all I love the beach and I truly miss it. I miss the sand, the sun, and the calming waves. I remember being a little girl living on the military base […]

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Love and Sex

Hi all, So today I had a really random conversation with my big and I was shocked at the turn it took. It started off with me asking him the food for thought questions about sex education and he was answering them. He started talking about how sex for him was purly a physical act […]

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TMI 200

Hey all, so it’s my 200th post and it’s a TMI Tuesday post. Don’t worry I have a special surprise for y’all. I hope this will be an ongoing thing and let me know fi you like it. Of course since I’m a meany I’m going to make y’all wait until the end for the […]

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My birth story!

July 25, 2018: It’s 2 in the morning and there I am. Sitting in the kitchen crying over a bag of rice cakes and a glass of water. My big is in the background in the living room playing guitar. “Wittie are you okay?” He asks me . “No, I don’t think I can do […]

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Daddy appreciation post!

I just wanna say my big has been amazing during these past 3 weeks. Between making sure I get enough sleep to making sure I remember to feed myself he’s been great. Breastfeeding is a round the clock exhausting venture and there have been many days where it’ll dawn on me that I haven’t eaten […]

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Sex interrupted

Hey All, I’ve been absent for a while but I have A good reason for it. My son was born July 25th! Don’t worry I have an entire birth post coming up and its pretty funny. I had to start writing again though because I’ve been going threw blog withdraw so after feeding babykins here […]

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phoning it in

I honestly could have written a lot more but the post was getting quite lengthy. Also, I was going to post the links to my profiles but if I post one I cannot post the other and I didn’t think that was fair so I’m not posting either of them. Final note: trigger warning this brings up taboo subjects so read at your own risk. Enjoy! 🙂

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Beating the monday blues

Good morning all my lovely readers! It’s Monday, and normally I hate Mondays. Time is ticking and getting closer to the big day and because of that times have been a bit stressful over here but I realize a good laugh and positive vibes can go along way. That being said I love these videos, […]

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