Do you feel entitled to sex?

In recent celebrity news. A video from a few years ago resurfaced. In this video the male interviewee made some outlandish statements about oral sex. Here is a brief paraphrased summary of what those statements were. “Men are kings and need to be treated as kings. Women need to praise them by giving them head […]

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Annoying fetishes…

Hello to all of my lovely readers, first of all I am so happy that I made it to 100 followers! Thanks to all of you for following me and supporting me in this crazy journey that we call life. My cats want to say hi and show their appreciation. ADisclaimer: I’m not kink shaming, […]

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Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

So I found this video last week that explained this really disturbing trend that’s going on the U.S. I think these people bring up a lot of good points, I have been saying this all along. I’ll even take this a step further though.I know some adults in the online kink community that are bound […]

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my stalker!

Hello darlings, I want to tell you the story of the creepy guy I keep running into at school. I’m writing this partially because people need to know how to address people with disabilities and partly for my own amusement. It started out when I was walking to class. This random guy walked up to […]

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Little space

These daysit is ridiculously hard for me to get into littlespace. I have been so stressed and dealing with a lot. Lately I have been so needy. I have been craving affection and attention. Thank God my big has been so understanding, sorry this is such a depressing post but on the upside the first […]

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Fame has its drawbacks…

So yesterday afternoon I was minding my own business halfheartedly watching the news when I heard about this Crazy kidnapping news story.  I then found out the news anchor mentioned  Fetlife And it wasn’t in a good way. For those of you reading this I want to remind you of a couple things. Don’t judge a book […]

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