So in poly news…

I’m so happy to finally tell you guys the news that has been bubbling beneath the surface. ever since my big and I have decided to be polyam we havn’t had any partners. We’ve been busy with life and the baby and we just haven’t had the time. Now I have a new partner! I’m […]

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Food for thought on Sex ed

Hi all, you know what time it is! It’s food for thought Friday, but on Saturday. I know I know I’m such a rebel. This weeks topic is about sex education so here goes  nothing and enjoy! 😊 What elements do you believe a comprehensive sex education programme should cover and why? I believe that […]

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30 days day 18

Hello my kinky loves. First of all happy pride month!!! this month for pride month I plan on reviving my podcast from the dead. 😂🤣 I think it’s going to be exciting, I’m going to share my personal story about my bisexuality and I’m going to be doing a couple of posts on different specific […]

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Poly breakups are hard…

I tend to underestimate just how emotionally invested in people and relationships I get and this was one of those times. I had been casually seeing this female for a little bit. After a while I hadn’t heard from her so I messaged her to check on her. Turns out she found someone else and […]

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I’m late!

Fun fact: did you guys know that yesterday was national coming out Day? I didn’t but I know now! So happy belated national coming out Day from a bisexual female

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I ran into an old friend

So many moons ago I joined an awful app called skout thanks to the recommendation of a friend. The app was filled with…….. interesting people to say the least.But there was this girl that I clicked with. We became close but since I was still confused about my sexuality I didn’t actively try to get […]

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30 days of d/s days 12 threw 16

Hey guys, how was your labor day weekend? Mine was great, gotta   day off doing absolutely nothing and also got to hang out with my Big and his family. I have decided to actually work on labor day and give y’all days 12 threw 16 since I love y’all so much. The first question talks […]

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