Online communities versus local communities

Hello guys, so I’ve been helping moderate a group on Facebook for alternative lifestyles for the past couple of months. I figured since I’m active in my local scene I would test out the online waters and see what it was like. I feel so lost in the online community though. I’m not talking about …


I’m late!

Fun fact: did you guys know that yesterday was national coming out Day? I didn’t but I know now! So happy belated national coming out Day from a bisexual female

30 days of d/s day 3

So, I know it's late but it's still Day 3 right… Right? I mean technically it's still day 3 in central time, Mountain time, and Pacific time. So that's Good enough for me even though I'm on the East Coast… i'll get it together eventually, anyway here's the prompt.What Titles and Labels Do You Prefer? …