I’m A brat so I do what I want!

PSA Just because you call yourself A little or brat doesn't mean you can act like an inconsiderate childish human. I have seen many a little say something like, Doesn't my dd know I'm a little? I'm supposed to be clingy, helpless, and rude. They might not say it that way, but that's how it comes across. I have not run into this but I have heard also of littles that want everybody to age play with them. For example, having someone who is not a part of their dynamic taking care of them or speaking to them the way you would a child.
Brats got a bad name long before I joined the scene, we're looked at as these disobedient submissives. People think we don't listen to anyone but that's just simply not true. Most brats, (myself included) know when to brat and who to brat with. Yes, i'm a brat but you better believe I know my manners and how to respect people and their boundaries.
What's up with all of the spam comments lately, seriously I woke up and had to delete about 30 of them.


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