Bunny bad news.

Hello guys, disclaimer, this isn’t going to be a kinky post, or even a fun post for that matter. While I was away from my house this past week my rabbit Ryland got really sick and I wasn’t informed until it was too late. My partner ran back to the house to check on him […]

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On a happier note…

Omg guys! I got all my stuff from Amazon today! I got all of my Legos, and 2 sofia the first sippy cups, organic macaroni and cheese with bunny shaped Pasta, and water beads! The water beads are really cool! I Put them in water at around 4 o’clock this afternoon and they’ve been growing […]

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Ryland is getting a sister!

So as y’all know I have a cute netherland dwarf bunny called Ryland. My big and I have been talking and we have decided to look into getting him a little sister. We want to get a mini lop rabbit. I hope all goes well with the bonding process and either way I will have […]

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The first meeting.

Since my anniversary is coming up I figured I would give y’all a nice snapshot of how my relationship progressed into what it is today. I’ll start at the beginning. How we first met.It all started 6 years ago on facebook. I can’t remember who friend requested who but we became facebook friends because we […]

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Something crazy happened…

So, the other day I desperately needed to get a lot of rabbit food all at once. Since I needed  to get it in bulk my Big  said I could use his  Amazon prime account to order it so it would get here faster. I then went and selected the food I needed, and added […]

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Well that was unexpected…

So I ran into an old friend today. I guess you can’t say  I  Ran  into them because I called them, but I didn’t think they would answer. They did, and we got to talking about everything. It’s nice to catch up with people every once in a while to see how they’re doing. My […]

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Rabbit ramblings

My rabbit has been ridiculously grumpy lately, I’m not quite sure why this is though. He’s been extremely aggressive and he even  bit  one of my friends. Every time I walk past his cage he just grunts at me. This is not like him and the more I try to socialize him the more he […]

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Bunny problems

So lets just get this out of the way right now, I have the cutest bunny ever! He makes up for his messyness in cuteness. Lately though his messiness and his need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5 in the morning has been driving me nuts! My somewhat normal sleep patterns have […]

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