Final 30 days of d/s post

Clearly I’m missing a prompt because I only had 3 I didn’t do but thats my fault for doing this all a year later. Part 1 discusses exploring kinks together. While yes d/s can be a kink it is far from the only one. My partner and I have taken part in and discussed other […]

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Family vacation post

Hello all, i’m tired but we made it to our summer vacation spot. Traveling while darn near 35 weeks pregnant is not fun. However we made it. We don’t have running water yet and one of the kids is throwing up but we’re here. This vacation is going to be soooo fun. I am going […]

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Kink of the week: shaving

I never thought of shaving as a kinky fun activity before reading this weeks topic. For me shaving was one of those things you just do. Its annoying and at times painful but at the end of the day its just a part of being a girl. This is how shaving was explained to me […]

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TMI time!

Heyyyy! TMI Tuesday time again.  1. Is your sex life more fantasy or reality? Right now, the former. I’m too busy and life is too crazy to think about sex let alone have it. Until I can have it again though there’s always my thoughts. 2. If you could hook-up with a past lover […]

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Stepping out of my funk

Hello all, I have been struggling with blogging lately because I’ve been crazy busy with family. Mostly I’ve been busy with toddlers. Right now with the way I’m feeling this topic is near and dear to my lonely heart that is craving adult interaction. Assuming you have no time constraints, what would your “ideal” experience […]

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30 days of d/s day 26

Hello readers, I feel like somewhere along the lines of doing this project I skipped a day some how. If I did please let me know because I don’t feel like my prompts are adding up. I’ve been so scatter brained lately. Pregnancy brain is real, I swear! Speaking of pregnancy today’s topic is all […]

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30 days of d/s day 25

Today’s topic is all about tasks and rituals. Honestly, I’ve been pondering this for the past few days. I haven’t quite knowing what to write about because I can’t think of any tasks or rituals that I have in my current relationship. They might be there but they might be so ingrained that I don’t […]

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Time for TMI Tuesday!

I had a long exhausting day and this is the last thing I’m going to do before I crash for the night! 1. If you were an ice-cream flavor, what would you be and why? Hmmm probably cotton candy because its what I’m craving right now, plus I’m just so darn sweet! 🙂 2. What […]

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