30 days of d/s day 25

Today’s topic is all about tasks and rituals. Honestly, I’ve been pondering this for the past few days. I haven’t quite knowing what to write about because I can’t think of any tasks or rituals that I have in my current relationship. They might be there but they might be so ingrained that I don’t even realize then. Tasks and rituals are supposed to bring you back into that dominant or submissive headspace from what I can tell. I guess certain things for me would be asking to do things. For example: “can I go out with my friends later?”


“If I eat all my dinner can I have some ice cream?”

If I had to guess some rituals for him in a probably be things like walking me out side really late at night if I’m going to get picked up by someone, to go somewhere. Ordering for me when we go out, and planning things. As far as tasks go for me things like check ins when we are not around each other help keep the d/s alive. For example when I am going to school I will text him when I get in the car, when I get to class, and when I’m leaving.

I just realized after writing all of this this probably makes a sound really weird… but it works for us so I guess that’s all that matters. I wonder if we will have more rituals once the babies born? Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “30 days of d/s day 25

  1. Not strange at all, Witty! When I was reading your post, I realized that one ritual that my husband put in place is that I must always say “please”. So, it would be, “If I eat all my dinner, may I please have some ice cream?” It took me a long time to incorporate it into every single request of him, and he literally had to spank my reliance on saying, “Would you mind if?” out of me….it has to phrased with “please”.

    Glad to see you completing the 30 days…I learned so much from these prompts!

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