we all bleed red

Periods are a funny thing. When you don’t have one you want one. When you’re in the throws of the bloody mess you’re cursing eve’s name and wishing she didn’t have to eat that stupid apple! The one thing most people have in common though when it comes to periods is, we don’t like talking […]

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A light in the dark

Hi all, I planned on doing this yesterday but I got busy with the baby so I started writing this post this morning. I stopped to help my big with something then got some tragic news so this post will be more of a help for me. What do you do to try and pick […]

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A grownup halloween

Hello all, happy Halloween! This year I decided to do something a bit different, I decided to give out candy instead of going out to get candy. It wasn’t too terribly difficult for me as I’ve given out candy in the past, however for my friend it was a completely different experience since she was […]

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sense and sensibility

Hi all, it’s food for thought time! There isn’t going to be another food for thought this friday and I saw this one and couldn’t resist putting my thoughts in. This week the topic is sense and how if at all it effects sex. For me this is going to be a good way to […]

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Annoying fetishes…

Hello to all of my lovely readers, first of all I am so happy that I made it to 100 followers! Thanks to all of you for following me and supporting me in this crazy journey that we call life. My cats want to say hi and show their appreciation. ADisclaimer: I’m not kink shaming, […]

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Reflections and new beginnings.

Hey guys, first of all I hope your Christmas and new years celebrations were amazing! Mine was fun and unpredictable as usual. I’ve been doing some reflecting on 2017 and I can say I’ve accomplished a lot. Vanilla me went back to school,made new friendships, fixed old friendships, and saw my relationship grow with time. […]

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