Annoying fetishes…

Hello to all of my lovely readers, first of all I am so happy that I made it to 100 followers! Thanks to all of you for following me and supporting me in this crazy journey that we call life. My cats want to say hi and show their appreciation. ADisclaimer: I’m not kink shaming, […]

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Reflections and new beginnings.

Hey guys, first of all I hope your Christmas and new years celebrations were amazing! Mine was fun and unpredictable as usual. I’ve been doing some reflecting on 2017 and I can say I’ve accomplished a lot. Vanilla me went back to school,made new friendships, fixed old friendships, and saw my relationship grow with time. […]

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The first meeting.

Since my anniversary is coming up I figured I would give y’all a nice snapshot of how my relationship progressed into what it is today. I’ll start at the beginning. How we first met.It all started 6 years ago on facebook. I can’t remember who friend requested who but we became facebook friends because we […]

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my stalker!

Hello darlings, I want to tell you the story of the creepy guy I keep running into at school. I’m writing this partially because people need to know how to address people with disabilities and partly for my own amusement. It started out when I was walking to class. This random guy walked up to […]

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Happy Meet the Blind month!

So this month apparently is “Meet the Blind month”…. Soooo…. Hi! lol There, can’t say I didn’t do my civic duty for the month. I had an extremely long week full of 4 page papers and exams galore. I’m so happy we have fall break next week! So guys I have some amazing news!!!!! My […]

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30 days of d/s days 12 threw 16

Hey guys, how was your labor day weekend? Mine was great, gotta   day off doing absolutely nothing and also got to hang out with my Big and his family. I have decided to actually work on labor day and give y’all days 12 threw 16 since I love y’all so much. The first question talks […]

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