I’m late!

Fun fact: did you guys know that yesterday was national coming out Day? I didn’t but I know now! So happy belated national coming out Day from a bisexual female

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I ran into an old friend

So many moons ago I joined an awful app called skout thanks to the recommendation of a friend. The app was filled with…….. interesting people to say the least.But there was this girl that I clicked with. We became close but since I was still confused about my sexuality I didn’t actively try to get […]

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Ryland is getting a sister!

So as y’all know I have a cute netherland dwarf bunny called Ryland. My big and I have been talking and we have decided to look into getting him a little sister. We want to get a mini lop rabbit. I hope all goes well with the bonding process and either way I will have […]

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Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

So I found this video last week that explained this really disturbing trend that’s going on the U.S. I think these people bring up a lot of good points, I have been saying this all along. I’ll even take this a step further though.I know some adults in the online kink community that are bound […]

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The first meeting.

Since my anniversary is coming up I figured I would give y’all a nice snapshot of how my relationship progressed into what it is today. I’ll start at the beginning. How we first met.It all started 6 years ago on facebook. I can’t remember who friend requested who but we became facebook friends because we […]

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my stalker!

Hello darlings, I want to tell you the story of the creepy guy I keep running into at school. I’m writing this partially because people need to know how to address people with disabilities and partly for my own amusement. It started out when I was walking to class. This random guy walked up to […]

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Happy Meet the Blind month!

So this month apparently is “Meet the Blind month”…. Soooo…. Hi! lol There, can’t say I didn’t do my civic duty for the month. I had an extremely long week full of 4 page papers and exams galore. I’m so happy we have fall break next week! So guys I have some amazing news!!!!! My […]

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