Breath play 101

Dr. Doe is the sexologist who helped me realize I wanted to go into sex therapy. I love her youtube videos and podcast. She did a great Video on breath play that explains it all for beginners. Breath play is a hard limit of mine partly due to asthma but lots of people love it. […]

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Punishment and funishment

Lately I have seen people come into the community really confused about punishment dynamics and generally how they work. From what I’ve witnessed and been a part of punishment is meant to correct or stop a behavior. Its like raising a child. For example if Idon’t go to bed by 11 and I know darn […]

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When two worlds collide…

Pop quiz for all of my readers, first and only question. 1. How many of you guys remember my stocker?If not don’t worry Here’s a refresher. After that post I continued to see this person sporadically throughout the semester. One of the last times I saw him last semester he physically moved me in order […]

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My ever growing family.

So when Ryland went to bunny heaven I honestly didn’t think I would get any pets. Then my big and I felt something was missing in our lives. So in february we adopted the sweetest most adorable rambunctious cats you’ll ever meet. meet Oreo and obie! My big fell for our new fur babies immediately […]

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Originally posted on RoughBandit:
When a girl says she has experimented with girls, that does not necessarily mean she’s bi………… …………She may just be an evil scientist.

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