My 10 year crush

I’ve written and re-written this in my head so many times that now that I’m writing it for real I’m not sure where to begin I can’t believe it’s been a decade now! I guess I’ll start at the beginning, but if I start from the beginning then it will be beginning more than a […]

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Happy 2022

2021 was full of trials but I can say i’m happy my son is starting out this year cancer free! I’m currently spending my birthday with him in the hospital, we’ve been here since Friday. But he is pulling through like a champ and that’s all I can ask for on my birthday. Its been […]

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TMI it’s been way too long.

By the time yall read this I will be on my way to my son’s 4th chemo treatment. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 1. What’s for breakfast? I cheated this morning and had glazed doughnuts from McDonald’s. They were delicious! 2. Three words you don’t want to […]

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How is it almost november

It has been ages since I’ve posted but I haven’t forgotten about my readers. This summer my son was diagnosed with cancer, we are half way through our chemo journey but it’s been a long crazy road. He is a fighter and the experts say things are looking good. I’ve not had a lot of […]

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Tmi 2021

I’m back! Yall know the Tmi tuesday drill! Also on a random note since it’s tuesday i’m craving tacos. Anyway: on to the tmi. 1. What was your first job? My first job was as a camp counselor for people with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. 2. In your next life what will be your […]

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Cheers to new.beginnings!

Hello all my readers, welcome to the ides of march 2021. I can’t believe I’m saying this after all of this time but it feels like the world and my life are starting to go back to pre-covid normalcy. I’m content in my polycule that randomly happened during the pandemic. Spring is on it’s way […]

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I made it to december!

Let me just preface this by saying this year has been absolute madness for everyone. I know I can speak for everyone when I say I am so glad we are moving into a new year soon. I hope everyone has been as well as they can be during these trying times. I myself have […]

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Pride 2020

I have survived these past few months! If you are reading this then congrats you have survived too. I wasn’t going to write about pride month this year because I have been doing a lot of reading and educating on the blm movement and why it is important to me as a mother of a […]

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