coming to terms with change

warning this is a personal post dealing with sex if thats not your thing you can skip it i wont mind.

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Needle play and fasting

For ages I have had a thing for needles and other sharp pointy objects. There’s something so sexy about them. The first time I knew I liked needles was when I got my first mose ring. It was a rush for me and has been ever since. My big thinks I’m absolutelyinsane and needles aren’t […]

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Do you feel entitled to sex?

In recent celebrity news. A video from a few years ago resurfaced. In this video the male interviewee made some outlandish statements about oral sex. Here is a brief paraphrased summary of what those statements were. “Men are kings and need to be treated as kings. Women need to praise them by giving them head […]

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Annoying fetishes…

Hello to all of my lovely readers, first of all I am so happy that I made it to 100 followers! Thanks to all of you for following me and supporting me in this crazy journey that we call life. My cats want to say hi and show their appreciation. ADisclaimer: I’m not kink shaming, […]

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We made it!

Hello guys, so this post requires a bit of context. I was born during the 26th week of pregnancy, in other words I was very premature and very small and it is part of what caused my blindness. On top of that, I was born in a Third World country so I’m not sure what […]

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I’ve had a crazy week!

The greeks used to think that blind people were psychic. After the week I had I’m starting to believe that they were on to something. It all started early Monday morning. I got up and grumbled on about how I didn’t want to go to english class. I checked my email and got an email […]

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Breath play 101

Dr. Doe is the sexologist who helped me realize I wanted to go into sex therapy. I love her youtube videos and podcast. She did a great Video on breath play that explains it all for beginners. Breath play is a hard limit of mine partly due to asthma but lots of people love it. […]

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