To study or wing it.

In my life I’ve never heard males discuss tips on pleasing their partners. I thought that was something only females did. My theory was blown out the window last night. It all started when I jokenly said, “I’ve come to the conclusion that latinas/latinos have higher sex drives than normal humans”. My male friend (who […]

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Poly breakups are hard…

I tend to underestimate just how emotionally invested in people and relationships I get and this was one of those times. I had been casually seeing this female for a little bit. After a while I hadn’t heard from her so I messaged her to check on her. Turns out she found someone else and […]

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Reflections and new beginnings.

Hey guys, first of all I hope your Christmas and new years celebrations were amazing! Mine was fun and unpredictable as usual. I’ve been doing some reflecting on 2017 and I can say I’ve accomplished a lot. Vanilla me went back to school,made new friendships, fixed old friendships, and saw my relationship grow with time. […]

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