Bunny bad news.

Hello guys, disclaimer, this isn’t going to be a kinky post, or even a fun post for that matter. While I was away from my house this past week my rabbit Ryland got really sick and I wasn’t informed until it was too late. My partner ran back to the house to check on him […]

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littles play date!

Hey guys, So monday my friend came over to my big’s house and we had a very eventful 2 days. First,when she got there we all helped make a late breakfast because we were all starving! I cooked the hash browns, my darlin cooked the grits, and my friend was on omlette duty. The food […]

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A bridge too far

So, when I first joined The online fet kinky Community I was happily surprised to see how open-minded most of the people there were. At first I was a little hesitant because I was new and it was in lotta things I wasn’t used to. For example, things like Age play, vomit, blood play, race […]

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Hello all my kinky darlins. I found this app I want to rave about! Its called ipassion and its a game to play with a partner. Think of it as the newly weds game. My big and I have been playing all weekend and we’re addicted! I love all the questions because they make me […]

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Happy first day of December!

Hello guys, I’m really excited about 1 December because the Christmas season is my favorite season! I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, I celebrate Hanukkah more because I like the music and I just think it’s fascinating. I’m not Jewish though. Anyway, my company is doing this really awesome thing called 12 days of deals! It’s […]

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