Something crazy happened…

So, the other day I desperately needed to get a lot of rabbit food all at once. Since I needed  to get it in bulk my Big  said I could use his  Amazon prime account to order it so it would get here faster. I then went and selected the food I needed, and added it to the cart. then, as I was checking out I did a double check to make sure I had everything I needed in the cart, and that’s when it happened… I saw it, normally I don’t condone snooping or spying or anything of that sort in a relationship. I feel like if you need to spy and go through someone’s phone then you don’t have a foundation of trust… But, all of that went out of the window when I saw this really pretty ring! I didn’t get to hear all of the description because my big took the phone and made the ring  disappear… And now he’s playing it off like nothing happened. But I know it happened, so in other words… GUESS WHO’S GETTING A PROMISE RING!!!! Meeee! Get excited guys, I’m over the moon, I have been jumping around and dancing to Taylor Swift LOL The only bad part about the situation is now that I know it’s happening I don’t know when it’s going to happen and I just have to wait… I’m not good at waiting! Grrrrr! 

I guess the old saying is true, good things come to those who wait… Have a happy Friday all of  my lovelies!


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