some random thoughts before I go to dream land

Figured I would write my thoughts down before crashing for the night, (aka a few hours) I have my first little playdate tomorrow and I can't wait!!!!! It's going to be tots awesome!!!!! I am going to my first playparty next weekend and I have no idea what to wear!!!! I had some funky pizza …


I have chocolate!!!

My day has been weird. I woke up at 6:30 just to find out  my plans for today got canceled. No worries for me, I just took a test   that lasted forever! after that it was nap time for me. Now i'm eating a chocolate bunny!

Good night

I just got off the phone with my boyfriend, and I'm very sleepy. It is way past my bedtime and I should've been in bed hours ago LOL good night people, I'll blog soon 🙂


Capricorn is spot on! The root of your anxiety according to your sign.


Ugh these alergies have been kicking my butt!  My voice sounds like an old lady and I can't stop coughing. Waaah! Other than that i'm having a good morning, The birds are singing outside and I can feel a breeze through my window. I'm going to have leftover spaghetti this morning for breakfast and I'm …