Little space

These daysit is ridiculously hard for me to get into littlespace. I have been so stressed and dealing with a lot. Lately I have been so needy. I have been craving affection and attention. Thank God my big has been so understanding, sorry this is such a depressing post but on the upside the first […]

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My first play party.

So this post is long overdo but its here now. Last month my big and I attended our first play party. To say we were nervous is an understatement,. We were terified! We knew what to expect in a general sense but not really. The particular party we  attended was a sex positive party but […]

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Fame has its drawbacks…

So yesterday afternoon I was minding my own business halfheartedly watching the news when I heard about this Crazy kidnapping news story.  I then found out the news anchor mentioned  Fetlife And it wasn’t in a good way. For those of you reading this I want to remind you of a couple things. Don’t judge a book […]

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Looking for a kink friendly group?

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS **Admin/Moderator Post** Lifestyle Archive allows the promotions of ALL GROUPS, PAGES, SHOPS, ACCOUNTS, KIK CHATS, FB CHATS, & PERSONAL ADVERTISEMENTS.  This group is a good place to ask questions about groups/pages/shops or to find new groups, pages, shops, accounts, chats, and to find love so join today! We are a share for […]

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Something crazy happened…

So, the other day I desperately needed to get a lot of rabbit food all at once. Since I needed  to get it in bulk my Big  said I could use his  Amazon prime account to order it so it would get here faster. I then went and selected the food I needed, and added […]

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My first kink event!

Hey guys, so on Friday, I went to my first kink 101 demo thing. It was amazing!!!! Okay… before I get ahead of myself let me start at the beginning. A few weeks back I found the event and was so excited to tell my big about it. He had informed me that he couldn’t […]

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