I love to laugh!

Ha ha ha ha, loud and long and clear…

That’s the second Mary Poppins reference I’ve had in the past few days. Apparently I need to watch that movie again.

Do you believe in the saying laughter is the best medicine? Why or why not? How important is laughter in your life or your partner having a sense of humor?

Yes, I do believe laughter is the best medicine. I have always used my ability to make people laugh as an icebreaker when things have gotten really tense or when I’m first meeting someone.

I think having a good sense of humor is important in my partners, you have to not take life too seriously all the time. If someone is too serious they’re likely not going to get along with me because I am always joking and playing around. If I’m going threw a really stressful time watching something funny helps take the stress off of me.

Bonus points if the person I’m with can make me laugh before I turn to YouTube to find something funny. Laughter is an instant trigger for my little space. It Truly is the best way to get me out of a sad funk and into a happy mode.

some of the things that have made me smile and laugh lately include:

1. I was really tired and the baby was being fussy. I was just about to feed him when my mother walked in the room. She asked me if he had eaten and I told her I was about to eat the baby.

2. My mom got 2 tens units and I know she got them for medical reasons but my brain can only think of electrical play when she mentions them.

3. My baby’s laugh. It brightens up all of my days, no matter what kind of day I’m having. It’s the best sound ever.
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5 thoughts on “I love to laugh!

  1. I lost it at ‘eat the baby’. Honestly something I would say! My 5yo makes me crack up constantly. She’s a breath of fresh air. I tweet her humor, too, maybe I’ll make a post with some of her best work one of these days!

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