30 day music challenge day 11

DAY 11: A song that you never get tired of:

I thought I would have fun with this one by blending 2 memes together. At first glance one might think how can a meme about masturbation have anything to do with a meme about music? The short answer is, the image for this weeks prompts involved a musical score and reminded me that I needed to check my 30 days of music challenge to see what today’s prompt was. The image was done by Sub-bee

Onto the music portion of this post, because I like to stimulate you visually and auditorily.This song is highly underrated and very sexy. I love the display of female dominance mixed with her Sultry boys. She’s very restrained in this song yet you can hear the craving for the other person in her voice. The shared look between the two people in this song along with the fantasy in her mind creates a timeless piece for masturbation in my opinion.

Check out Body say and decide for yourself.

Masturbation Monday

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