Any time any place

I had icecream for breakfast this morning.

I did it because I needed an energy boost. The flavor was cookies and cream and it was delicious!

Sex for me is a bit like icecream for breakfast.

What is your favourite time for getting it on? Do you prefer some horizontal cardio before getting out of bed? Do you like to fit in a quick session at lunchtime? Do you prefer a “nightcap” to wind down before you go to sleep?

The time of day doesn’t matter to me as much.

At night time it can help me wind down after a long day.

In the morning it gives me An extra spark of happiness to start my day.

I’m not a big fan of lunch time quickies though.

Is it different at the weekends/on holidays to during the week?

Not really except during the holidays sometimes I go to visit family when they come over here and I have to settle for a lunchtime quickie.

What is it about a particular time of day (or night) that puts you in the mood?

I can’t think of anything that is a direct result of the time of day that puts me in the mood.


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