30 days of music challenge day 9

DAY 9: A song that makes you happy

This is going to look really weird without any context so let me explain.

In 2014 I went through my first real break up. If you ask any of my friends they will tell you I was a wreck. I volunteered at my aunts preschool to try to get my mind off of everything. I didn’t work much and I spent most of the day crying. However, there was this one time of day when all of the children went down for nap time and my aunt turned on Pandora for them.

Even the lullabies would make me cry. It was awful.

But in all of my sadness there was one song that for whatever reason was able to put a smile on my face. To this day I don’t know why this song was the only one that would make me feel happy, but it did. It was the only song that gave me hope.

Sometimes when I’m feeling low, I turn it on and it still brings me to a happy place.

It is, the one, the only, The rainbo connection! Told you it would be weird without context.

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