feliz navidad

Hello all, happy belated Christmas.

This year it was a very lowkey Christmas in the Wittie house. i got an instapot and I got my big a roomba. snugglewuffins got a bouncer and a car to play in as well as a truck. we spent the day watching our favorite christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa.

It was a nice Christmas for me and I’m glad I didn’t have to go out and see people. I’ve been struggling lately with my anxiety.

I ran out of meds before I could get a refill from my doc and it has been miserable to say the least. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enimy. I feel so dizzy and shaky. On top of that I’ve been sleeping really hard and been having off the wall dreams.

My big has been amazing with helping me out with the baby and things. In fact as I write this he is making lunch and has put me on bedrest for the day.

I can’t wait for tomorrow when I can get all this sorted out and back to normal again.

Other than that awfulness I’m having a good time. I saw It’s a Wonderful life for the first time and I loved it.

Last but not least I signed up for the smut marathon and I’m really excited for it!

Have a good rest of the holidays guys. Stay safe, please don’t drink and drive and have fun!

PS the music challenge will resume after the holidays. I didn’t forget about it I just figured you didn’t want to hear a bunch of random Christmas music.

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