A christmas punishment

“I miss you sir. I have a million things to do with the family for the holiday season and not enough time to do it in.”

“I know babygirl I’ll be there on Christmas. Have you been taking time to destress? I gave you specific orders on what to do while I’m away.”

she hung her head in shame. she knew she couldn’t lie to her dominant. She hadn’t had the time to do as she was told and he would be able to hear the lie in her voice.

“Babygirl I know what the silence means… You haven’t been doing as I instructed y…”

Wait sir, let me explain…”

“No, you know better, you need to be punished. Turn on your camera and strip”

She locked the door to her room and turned on her camera. She hesitated for a second before slowly slipping out of her night gown and thong.

She pointed her phone so he could get a good view of her.

“Good girl, now close your eyes and picture me there right now. Picture me throwing you on the bed and blindfolding you. I would leave you anticipating my next move.”

She felt herself getting wet at the thoughtt of what would come next in the story.

“put a finger inside you babygirl.”

“She nodded and complied.

“good girl now where was I?

Oh right, you would be on the bed waiting for me. I’d pick the flogger I wanted and strike you once, twice, and a third time.”

She bit her lip wanting to hear more.

“you like that babygirl don’t you?”

“Yes I do I can feel the stinging pain now. Just the thoughtt makes me want to come.

May I come sir?”

“No babygirl, you can’t come until I get there on Christmas. You also can’t hear the rest of the story until tomorrow. Goodnight babygirl.”

She pouted as she watched the call end.

Masturbation Monday

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