I had two ideas for this post. I was either going to do a short fiction piece or my thoughtts.

Since I’m writing this before bed I chose the latter.

I asked my big what his ideal porn site

would be like. All he told me was that it would involve latina girls that spoke spanglish. (aka spanish mixed with english)

The website would be called

This is a good starting point but I figured I’d expand on it a bit by adding my own wishes as well as some of his kinks.

When you first stumble onto the site you would be greeted with clips of spanish girls giving handjobs, footjobs, blowjobs, and facials with pearl necklaces.

These clips would be short teasers and you would need to sign up to get to the good stuff.

Once you sign up and select a membership plan (because porn isn’t free) you would be able to browse the catagorries. there would be latina submissives doing forced  deep throat, gangbangs, danzels in distress, and schoolgirls. Of course we would also have the sexy latina bosses. They would be sexy savage sadistic mistresses.

You would have the option of having your own spanglish soundtrack.

When it comes to the performers they would have the ability to choose what content they want to sell. They can sell videos, live streams, photo sets, and even private sessions. Each girl would have their limits and fetishes listed on their profiles.

The actors would be shown the utmost respect and nothing would happen without their informed consent.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in what are you waiting for?

Come to and we’ll show you a good time.

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