30 days of d/s day 24

Ello all my readers, happy Sunday! Time to start another week, who’s ready for monday? I’m not. I never am…. Today I made a cake with my darlin. It was supposed to be cake mix cookies but we just made a cake instead. It was a rainbow cake. It was really yummyful!

I had 3 pieces of it and don’t regret it one bit.

Anyway, today’s topic is choosing the 24/7 lifestyle. The question was, is being a 24/7 submissive right for me?

At the beginning of my kink journey I would have said no. My plan was to just keep it in the bedroom and be a normal person outside the bedroom. I found though the more I got into it the more I wanted it and liked living it. The key was finding the perfect dom. Once I found that person I could trust and completely submit to then I would try 24/7. It’s not for everyone but it works for me. I love how safe I feel in my submission. I used to be a big service sub but lately I haven’t been able to do that since I’ve been pregnant and all. I’m glad I didn’t keep it in the bedroom because there are parts of my submission like the acts of service that extend outside of the bedroom. Being 24/7 doesn’t mean I have no say in my relationship. My big values my input on things, and would be bored of me if I was just a mindless zombie who said, “Yes sir.” to his every command. He likes my bratty playfulness but at the end of the day I trust him to make decisions and if I have something I want to add to them I can tell him my thoughts. Outside of my submission to him I am an independent person who is perfectly capable of making my own decisions and I do. 24/7 In my relationship is pretty norma for us. It’s not kinky sex all the time,  it’s figuring out life together and being each other’s partner in crime, best friend, and more rolled into one. It’s turning the d/s off when you find out your partner is going threw some hard times. The most important thing I want to convey in this writing is that when it comes to my relationship, even though we may be 24/7 we are partners first. There are times we have to step away from the dynamic and our usual rules, like when I found out I was pregnant, or when a family  member passes.

Since my relationship is ddlg I can say I’ve seen littles complain because their bigs are going threw something and aren’t giving them all the attention they used to. For times like these it’s important to remember that bigs need a break too, they need to feel loved and they might need that extra attention. If you’re a little try doing little things you know he would like. Remember, partners first roles second.

In the future I’ve thought about going to a TPE relationship TPE stands for total power exchange. I haven’t gotten there yet but it’s something I’m looking into for years from now. Until then I’m happy where I am.

Have a good night all my readers and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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