Natural vs culture

Todays food for thought Friday post is all about pubic hair. The thoughts, views, and opinions expressed on this post are just that: my thoughts.

How do you style your pubic hair? What were your reasons for choosing that style?

Honestly I trim it in the spring/summer but other than that I don’t do a lot. Growing up I wasn’t made to shave down there so I didn’t even give it a second thought. That all changed when I became a teenager and heard how girls shaved because it was normal especially if you had a boyfriend. Hearing that changed my thinking. My new mindset was guys like it this way apparently so this is what I have to do. Nowadays I don’t care what others think. I did research into how different cultures viewed pubic hair and found that not everyone viewed it in the way us Americans do. I also gave up on trying to have a perfect.volva, what is that anyway? Each one is unique in its own way.

What are your preferences for a partner’s styling?

My preference is that my partner feels comfortable in their own skin doing whatever they want. After all, it’s their body not mine.

Would you (or have you) ever change(d) your styling just to please a partner?

I have done in the past yes. Going back to my high school days I was terrified for my partner to see me because I thought he would think I was weird and nasty. (Some people equate having hair to being unhygienic.) he had already seen it but I wanted to surprise him one day so I decided to shave everything. It took forever, and I felt really weird but I couldn’t wait to see his reaction. When he saw it he was shocked, he had gotten used to me having hair and liked it. Apparently he missed it.

A similar story with pretty much the same outcome happened with my current partner when we first got together.

My conclusion is girls put way too much pressure on themselves, and men don’t care nearly as much as we think they do.


4 thoughts on “Natural vs culture

  1. I shave everything because 1. I think it smells more when I have hair and 2. I hate the feeling of being stroked “against” the line of the hairs. My legs however I stopped shaving 2 years ago and that was a relief. I can still look at my legs with all that hair and think “that’s so disgusting” and then I have to have a stern conversation with myself about societies unrealistic demands and brainwashing!

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  2. I am one of those guys who really likes a shaved woman. I keep my scrotum shaved and also trim my Bush so the hairs aren’t too long and the patch is smaller. At the moment I’m completely shaved as I just had surgery and the pubic hair I had felt uncomfortable and unpleasant when touched—even by my clothes. My Queen likes a little bit of pubic hair on me normally though in the past she has had me shave it completely off. I kind of like it bare—but when my sensation goes back to normal I expect she’ll want me to return to my former “style”. She leaves a landing strip on at all times. And I like it. Though I would prefer…
    …not my choice though—it’s all about her in my home!

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  3. I think the key thing is, the only person that needs to be comfortable with their “style” is that person themselves. I’ll admit to liking neatly trimmed soft curls on a woman, but it’s her choice how she styles, not mine.

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