Switching up roles

This weeks topic is all about role play. I like role play when it’s done with the right people. It can be fun, exciting, and sexy. When I started out role playing it was a way for me to explore my sexuality while taking on a different persona. When I was in that headspace I could be confident and bold. I could talk dirty and be all kinds of taboo. I’ve been a cheating mistriss, a hooker, and a random stranger at the bar. When I did my role plays I changed everything about me, from my name to my demeanor. I always wanted to try role playing as my favorite people from books but figured that would be to nerdy.

My favorite role play was the cheating mistress. I would start by sexting my partner in character just to get a rise out of him. It worked most of the time and in the end we both got what we wanted. These days I don’t do much role play. For me pet play can be a form of role play and I would be willing to try it. I’m interested in going into bunny space and it would be completely nonsexual for me. Only time will tell if I act out on this desire.

5 thoughts on “Switching up roles

  1. Out of curiosity, what book characters? Perhaps they wouldn’t be as nerdy as you think. I wish I could slip into a character as easily. I can write it, but to act it out doesn’t always play so easily

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    1. For a while I was obsessed with this series by rebecca ethington. Its a YA paranormal/fantasy series with some romance in it. I can’t tell you my role-play idea because it would ruin some plot points. Also another idea would be my partner being Lestat from the anne Rice series and me be the not so willing victim. 😉


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