Reflections 4 years later


Good morning all! Its early Thursday morning as I write this. My allergies are kicking my butt and I wanted to get this posted before my day got busy.

Here’s my food for thought this week! 🙂

What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 18 year old you?

The fact that I got pregnant out of wedlock. Yes, I was one of those abstinence only teenagers for the majority of my high school career. Even when I became sexually active I struggled with sexual guilt. I was guilty for having sexual feelings and even more guilty when I acted on them. I can just hear 18year old me lecturing me now.

What one thing might shock that younger you?

The fact that I had a 1 night stand then proceeded to have a friends with benefits relationship. Sooo fun fact: my current partner and I were never supposed to date. I was just looking for A platonic friend that lived in the area that I moved to. Next thing I knew I was at his apartment watching Netflix then I was initiating sex. to this day that shocks me because I never do anything like that, for all I knew he could have been a crazy murderer… I remember waking up the next day and having a conversation with my friend that went something like this.

Me: “Hi, I did something awful. I gotta get out of here. I had sex with **** and now he probably thinks I’m trash and doesn’t want to see me again!”

Friend: “You did what! I’m sure he doesn’t think that way about you it’s all in your head.”

Fun times…

Is there anything in the younger you’s sexual ambitions or fantasies you have not yet fulfilled?
When I first saw this question my immediate answer was no. Because back then I didn’t really fantasize about anything. After thinking about it though, I realize there is something I haven’t fulfilled yet. I haven’t properly been with a female.

What part of the younger you’s sex life do you look back on with the most nostalgia?

Hmm… Probably my first handjob. I had no idea what I was doing and when he came I jumped back thinking I broke his penis. This just goes to show that a good sex education goes a long way.

Well that was a fun trip down memory lane: I can’t wait to see what next week brings for food for thought Friday!

5 thoughts on “Reflections 4 years later

  1. Handjobs, yeah I haven’t done one in a long time but I don’t want to. They are labor intensive and my hand seems to tire just as the guy was getting there; then I’d have to start over ….maybe that’s why it’s called a job!

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