Alone time, and being in love.

PSA! Sappy post coming up! You've been warned.
I miss my Donniekins yall! Yesterday afternoon he went to go to a family event and I was invited but all I wanted to do was be alone. So he left me alone… Now I'm all alone! I liked it for a while, but not now! I couldn't sleep last night! I'm so used to him always being there that my bed felt empty. My night was spent listening to sappy love songs and wishing he was there. I had to force myself to sleep. It wasn't the same… I told myself I would play with some Plato and draw some cute pictures until he got back. But my niece took the Plato and smashed it all into the rug… 😦
What's a lonely little to do in times like these… I know! I'll do my nails! That plus getting ready for college will distract me during the day… But night times are the worst!


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