Fame has its drawbacks…

So yesterday afternoon I was minding my own business halfheartedly watching the news when I heard about this Crazy kidnapping news story.  I then found out the news anchor mentioned  Fetlife And it wasn’t in a good way. For those of you reading this I want to remind you of a couple things.

  • Don’t judge a book by a cover. Just because this lunatic decided to kill a poor innocent girl does not  mean the rest of the kink community condones it. In fact weather people want to believe it or not we are just as outraged and disgusted as you are!

Adding to my last point the media sensationalizes everything so do some research and you’ll see Fet and bdsm aren’t to blame for this criminal act.

I’m sure i’ll have more to say but for now i’m exhausted and am going to catch a few hours of sleep.  


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