My first kink event!

Hey guys, so on Friday, I went to my first kink 101 demo thing. It was amazing!!!! Okay… before I get ahead of myself let me start at the beginning. A few weeks back I found the event and was so excited to tell my big about it. He had informed me that he couldn’t make it but I could go to have fun. Then this past week he realized the location of the event and he was scared of me going. I came from the country so city living isn’t exactly my forte. He knew that and knowing where I would be and what time of the day I would be there was concerned for my safety. It looked like I wouldn’t be going but after talking it over  and going to a munch the night before with some awesome icecream we came to the conclusion that I could go as long as I kept in touch and had some pocket knives with me. lol So it’s the big day of the event and as the day progresses on I am as nervous as a deer in hunting season. When my friend picked me up it actually hit me what I was doing. All I could think was, “I barely know these people” “What if something happens to me, I have no backup plan!” My anxiety was on high. When we got there I was able to calm down a little, my secret was a lot of gospel music and prayer. We arrived and I signed the waver to let me in and such. When we walked into the place it was full of tables with different stuff on them I told my friend it was like  kinky carnival! I didn’t know where to start, but she walked me around to each station so I could try everything I wanted. I got to feel different kinds of rope, then I felt different floggers and spoke to the experts on rope and floggers. Then I went to my favorite station of the night, knife play!!! It was great!!! It can be a mixture of fear. play or sensuality. I saw siran wrap and how it can be used for bondage. 🙂 I went to the store and bought a flogger for beginners, and wrist restraints with a lock chain. After I bought my stuff I put on my wrist cuffs with the help of a guy. I kept them on all night. After socializing with another friend  from the munch.  Next was fireplay, again my anxiety went from 0 to 100. I  listened while a couple people sampled the fire play. I decided to try it out because I can’t be afraid of something I havn’t actually done. I let the person put fire in my hand. It was scarey but I didn’t get hurt and it wasn’t horrible and at least I can say I did it.   The event was a great start for the party my big and I will be attending! Today I had a great breakfast and am catching up on orange is the new black. I’ll post later. Bye for now. 


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