omg my boyfriend and I have been obsessed with these!

Hi guys, so since my last post about games and challenges was a bit dark and depressing I figured I’d share something happy. The internet isn’t all doom and gloom and for once I found a challenge that I love participating in. It’s good clean family fun and I don’t have to worry about anything crazy happening because of it. it’s called the “If you sing you loose” challenge. So here’s the jist of it. You play a certain theme of songs and if the person sings  along to the song they loose. It sounds easier than it really is. I personally failed at the Disney one. (I can’t help it who can resist Disney.)  I did pretty good on the catchy songs one though, for the most part. I’ll post links to the challenges I did with my big. If you do the challenges I have linked below you have to tell me in the comments on what part you broke down at. Don’t be ashamed, it happens to us all, accept me of course. 🙂  Enjoy! I’ll tell yall what parts me and my big broke down at as well in the comments. Disney challenge for beginners Harder disney challenge Childhood  longest challenge!


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