Sorry guys, I’ve been a ghost!

I have an excuse though, I’ve been busy! 

So that’s my excuse take it or leave it… 🙂 I have an event full weekend, I went to my first munch  in a couple of months and I was really excited to go. shout out to my friend for driving me there, she’s a doll.  I got to see some old friends and I met new ones,  Plus there was good food. My partner out of the blue got an OkCupid account, and for some weird reason I couldn’t stop laughing. I can explain, my partner is not the type of person to do online anything, so when he texted me at two something in the morning and informed me of this I just first didn’t believe him and once I found the account I just laughed.  Yesterday I spent two hours making a map with popsicle sticks and other odds and ends just to have my two-year-old niece come in and rip  one of the popsicle sticks off of it… (I can never win.) I watched the movie get out with my big and now he’s extra paranoid of white people! Lol One last thing before I disappear into the night, my big was wearing my shirt all day today and had absolutely no idea… #BlindPeopleProblems sorry this post is so scattered, but I figured you would want to know what happened to me in the past few days.


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