daydreaming about my new house

Omg guys I have been daydreaming all day about my new house and what I want it to look like and how awesome it is going to be, in my head atleast!

First, I want to walk onto a foyer, then I want to walk into a nice living room with a flat screen tv and a bangin’ sound system. I want the kitchen to be spacious with lots of counter space and a double sink. There must be a garbage disposal and a dish washer. I want a drawer full of baking stuff because I love baking cupcakes and stuff like that. I want there to be a room for the bunnies, (Yes I’m getting another bunny for my current bunnykins). This room will be completely bunny proof and it will be a paradise for bunnies everywhere! I will get lots of hay tunnels, cardboard boxes, mazes, and chew toys!

I want a nursery for me, skip the crib and changing table, I want a ballpit and a bouncy house, There will be lots of stuffed animals, toys, and cute/ creepy things. In the basement I want a kinky d dungeon with sound proof walls, stuff for needle play, wax play, and other sorts of kinky play, it has to be big enough for a take down scene. At last there has to be a backyard with a trampolene and a pool. Oh I forgot about my room, I want a big bed for my partner and I. It would be cool to have one of those fancy beds where you can change the temperature and farmness. That would be so awesome!

Well… I don’t know about y’all but  that was fun dreaming. I’ll write when I can guys.




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