I’m at my grandma’s house!

I made it to my Grandma’s house last night. I realized a few things when I got here. First, while at my grandma’s I can’t discuss the fact that I’m going back to school to become a sex therapist. I actually can’t tell any of my mother’s family this, it saddens me really because I would like to be able to tell them what I’m going to school for. I also can’t say that I’m moving in with my boyfriend at the end of the year because if I tell them that they’ll know that I’m “Living in Sin”.  Once they find this out they’ll wan nothing to do with me and I’ll be the talk of the town forever. The good news in all of this is my mother is supportive of my career choice and so are my brothers even though they laughed and thought I was kidding.  It’s good to know that I have supportive family in my corner. Other than that fiasco I’m glad to be here, I can’t wait to see all my aunts (or at least my favorite aunts.) the rest I can live without lol.  Plus the south is so pretty and Hot so I can work on getting that tan that I don’t have to work hard on getting at all. 🙂 Well, I’m off to eat breakfast and see what trouble I can get into, I’ll update y’all in a bit.

Tootles for now!!! :*


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