Hot girls wanted turned on Netflix series

This documentary Netflix series is a sequel to the documentary hot girls wanted. This series like hot  girls wanted talks about the porn industry and cam girls. It goes further than that though, it also talks about how technology is not only changing the porn industry but it’s also changing the way we look at relationships and  the very end of the series  touches on the bystander effect. By the end of the series it gets really deep. The series is very short, it’s only six episodes long. I devoured it in two  days because well, I was sick and had nothing else to do, but also I thought there were 10 episodes… I love the series and I think my favorite episodes were the second the third and the fourth episode along with the sixth episode. The six episode was very deep in comparison with the rest of the series.

The third and fourth episodes talk about female and male talent in the porn industry, in  the third episode  there is a cam girl who goes off the deep end and unfortunately turned to drugs, but it also talks about a very successful cam girl. In the fourth episode it is focused on a Mail talent who is black and how black male talents are perceived in the porn industry. 

The second episode talked about a 40-year-old male who goes on dating apps and proceeds to date females that are 20 years his junior and after a few dates  he just cuts off contact with them. he has his own revelation of sorts at the end of the episode.

The sixth and final episode talks about a female who while  on periscope recorded her friend getting raped  and didn’t stop the recording. She was facing charges of  being an accomplice and she almost had to go on the registry for her actions. That was in my opinion one of the more interesting episodes.

These are my thoughts on the show but I’m interested to hear what other people think. If you want you can leave your thoughts in the comments below. 


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