Facebook rant!

I will just start off by saying this, if you are a minor please exit my blog immediately! I do not have time to deal with your parents! I posted the same link to my blog yesterday to my Facebook page. I generally don’t mix the two however I feel like that was a very informative educational video. I tagged a lot of people with disabilities in that link so they could see it. One female I Tagged  happen to be 17 years old. in her state that is the legal age of consent, however technically she wasn’t an adult yet so whatever… anyway her mother’s friend told me that the video was very inappropriate for a 17-year-old to watch and then I need to untag her friends daughter immediately! I reply to this person is that I have no idea how to untag people but they could untag themselves if they wish. and then fit hit the sham! The parent was attacking me for no good reason! So minors please either stay away or don’t show your parents!


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