No, I don’t ageplay


geplay has never been my thing however if that’s your thing then you do you man! I just haven’t been able to get with it and it breaks my heart to see other littles who obviously aren’t ageplayers and their ageplayer counterparts are telling them they can’t be little because they don’t have a fixed age.

That is the farthest thing from the truth I have ever heard.  First of all all of these labels don’t have clear cut definitions, there is no Little handbook somewhere that says you have to act in between the ages of 3 to 5 at all times, and you must wear diapers at least once in your life.

I’m glad there isn’t a handbook because let me tell you I would have broken half the rules by now.

So for all you new littles who aren’t into the ageplay part of everything, you’re not alone, and you’re not wrong for it.  DDLG and ageplay are twon different things altogether. Age regression is just someone acting a different age, there isn’t any d/s involved at all. DDLG is a type of dom sub relationship that involves two consenting adults, one would be a nurturing guide  who may or may not set rules for the other one. This is just a very general example, there can be submissive daddies and dominant littles as well. The point is you don’t have to have ageplay inorder to have a DDLG dynamic. Just keep doing you and you’ll find someone who is compatible with you.


4 thoughts on “No, I don’t ageplay

    1. I’m glad to hear you found something that worked for the both of you. I just feel bad for littles who think that they have to fill some cut out mold in order to be a proper little

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      1. It can be difficult. For a community that is supposed to be based on acceptance, there is quite a lot of judgement and labeling within the kink community. New members are especially vulnerable to being forced into roles that don’t suit them, or feeling alone/unfulfilled/not valued because they don’t fit a certain criteria.

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