Period sex!! Lets talk about it!

So  for some ungodly reason this is a very taboo subject for most people. people are repulsed and grossed out by the thought of it and I can’t blame them, I was one of those people for a while. And then I started researching the topic and read about benefits that I didn’t even know existed. I didn’t realize people would be into having sex while on their periods. For the longest time I thought it was gross, it wasn’t the act itself but I felt gross. It just wasn’t a happy time for me usually The  cure for my cramps included chocolate and anything with salt. I couldn’t believe that having sex would  reduce cramps and headaches. I knew they would be more lubrication that part was obvious, but I never thought that I would have a partner that would be into it. yesterday all of my feelings changed. My partner and I decided to take the plunge and try it for the first time because I was just so cranky yesterday and well it wasn’t that bad! I honestly thought it was going to be miserable but once I got into it it was pretty fun. And of course I took the proper precautions so it wasn’t uncontrollably  messy. As far as making cramps go away does work in the short term. 

I found that most women I’ve spoken to have had higher  libidos during that time but are too embarrassed to talk to their partners about trying something new. To these women I say open up a conversation because you never know what could happen. One last thing, periods shouldn’t be shamed, its a natural part of life! 
Final note, if you wanna know all about the benefits you can reap from experimenting this click Here    


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