Underage littles

I’m going to make a lot of people mad when I say this so this is your warning, if you’re easily offended you might want to skip this post. I’m going to be talking about something that has been bugging me a lot lately and that thing is minors in the BDSM scene. 

Now I know people are going to say things like, 

“They’re not harming anyone.”


“What’s so bad about sucking on pacifiers and cuddling with stuffed animals?”

Well that in itself, nothing. You can do that to your hearts content and I won’t mind at all. What I do mind is kids calling themselves “Littles” and “Submissives”. 

I have a problem with this because these are labels used in the BDSM world and they are used to signify status. You aren’t legally supposed to partake in kink until you are at least 18. When kids go and label themselves “slaves” “littles” and the like it also can give the DDLG community a bad name. It doesn’t help that way to many people think this kink is pedophilia and kids mixing themselves in BDSM groups on facebook adds more fuel to the fire. 

Power exchange relationships can be dangerous for full grown adults. It can be even worse for a kid who is still growing and developing. Their easily persuaded and can be talked into doing things they will regret in their future. If this doesn’t happen they can have things that aren’t right done to them without their consent and their supposed dom type can say something like, “You have to do this, you’re my sub.” and they wouldn’t know any better. 

All this to be said I don’t mind younger teens trying to research the community, if they want to read books and such that’s fine. I just don’t think they should be participating in any of it. Note: regression is regression and has nothing to do with d/s in my opinion. 

So kids if I seem a bit harsh on you know this, I do it because I want you to make better decisions as adults and I want you to have fun in the kink world without someone hurting you. 

You don’t have to rush in to any of this, it will all be here when you hit legal age and even when your great grand children hit legal age.


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