my weekend

I’m really excited because this weekend I get to go to the circus!!! It’s going to be really hard for me to not slip into obvious little space however I will try not to do that. I’m going with my mom, nieces, nephews, brother, and sister in laws, Oh yeah my big will be there as well. I haven’t been to a circus in years so this will be interesting!! Some people think that as a blind person I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the circus because of it’s visualness, well you’re all wrong! I love the circus! I will admit right off the bat that most of it can be visual but if you learn to pay attention to the small things it can be just as fun. For example, I love hearing the kids get all excited, their happiness is contagious. Also their are sounds and smells gallor. You can smell the food and animals sometimes from a mile away. The vinders are always shouting to see if you’ll give in and buy something overpriced.  There is music and sometimes the announcers will be a tad bit descriptive. My point is circuses aren’t just fun for the sighted. I’m really nervous about going, I hope my anxiety doesn’t kick in and ruin all the fun. If it does though I will have my bf to snap me out of it real quick. I’ll update y’all on how it went when it is all said and done.


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