A glimps into my little space.

One of my old Tumblr posts I had fun answering all of the questions. 
1.) Have you seen any cute animals today? (Which ones? How Many)

 I saw my friend’s 5 kittens! Omgomgomg they were tots adorbs! 2. What did you name your first ever stuffie? Hmmm lamby i think. 3. Do you like bubbles in your bath? Who doesn’t? 4. What are your favourite pjs? My onesies! 5. Do you have pjs for little space? Nah 6. What’s your favourite warm drink? Hot chocolate. 🙂 its even more yummyful with whipped cream and marshmellos! Mmmm… 🙂 7. What’s your favourite little space snack? Hmmmm goldfish! 🙂 8. Glitter or stickers? Meh neither 9. Crayons or painting? Crayons! 10. Milkshakes or juice? Depends on the weather 11. Do you have a sippy cup? Not yet but i want one! 12. Who’s your favourite Disney character? Pocahontas, because she was real she was the only one that resembled what I look like (they need a latina princess! Just sayin) 13. What’s your favourite Disney movie? Pocahontas 14. Do you wear diapers? Nope its a hard limit of mine. 15. Do you have a paci? I stole my niece’s it’s OK she doesn’t use it anymore I’m a bad aunt I know. LOL 16. Are you in little space 24/7? It’s a complicated answer. 17. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? Cookies and cream! All the way baby! 18. Sprinkles or marshmallows? Sprinkles! 19. What helps you to go into little space? Ice cream trucks, baby toys, music, but most being around someone who makes me feel comfortable with them. 20. What does little space mean to you? It’s a place I can go and I can trust that my big will Play with me, and take care of me when I’m feeling sad, insecure, and scared. end, article


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