The struggles of being bisexual in today society.

One of the things that really annoys me about people today is the way they  use blanket statements to try to put down something they don’t understand. For example because I’m bisexual straight men and couples alike  will automatically assume that I want a threesome with anyone. Well I got news for you, i’m not a unicorn, nor am I a fetish dispenser! If you want to have a third get a hooker or a proper education on how to go about Adding a third to your relationship. We are humans with our own needs and wants, our sexuality isn’t for your pleasure. 

     on the other hand lesbians will think that I will leave them for a  man and I think this is a ridiculous way of logic.  This way of thinking Will stunt the growth of society and will prevent people from  Opening their minds and trying to understand people with different orientations.


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